Introductory Questions

1. I'm Selena and I'm a junior majoring in Communication Design and Marketing.

2. I have a background in illustration, fine art, and graphic design, but I'm also interested in developing my UI/UX skills after doing an Adobe Creative Jam this summer.

3. I have a tiny bit of experience with HTML/CSS, I attended a Sam Fox workshop for it.

4. I hope to learn how to make appealing websites and apps!

5. I expect designing for screen will be different because of all the interactive elements, and difference in perspective (more user-focused, readable type size is different, etc.)

6. I think this website is effectively designed with a mix of dramatic photos and supporting typographic headings, and splitting big pictures into squares based on importance.

7. I think this website exemplifies effective communication, because they introduce themselves upfront and efficiently show a few examples of their work in a short vertical scroll, with easy buttons to see more.

8. I think this website works well because it has a clean vertical scroll that isn't too long, and all the information someone may be interested in is presented up front in an appealing manner.